Calculating Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Forecasts

Rapidly turn a business plan for sales, margins, overheads and investment into detailed profit; liquidity; cash flow; bank; tax and equity forecasts.

Calculating Comprehensive Business Forecasts

Figurewizard is a revolutionary approach to make possible the rapid creation of comprehensive forecasts for profits, liquidity, cash flows, balance sheets, solvency and net worth.

All that is needed to produce these forecasts are your projected sales, profit margin, overheads, investment and four simple ratios.

There are thirteen forecasts and three calculator / planners (listed below). No further input other than a user's predicted figures for the year (s) ahead (up to three years) is required from a user.  Our system does all of the work including from those projected figures, including calculating and applying VAT transactions and corporation tax.

Forecasts are flexible and can be retrieved for amendment or updating at any time.

The What-If Calculator and Planner

Unique to Figurewizard, the What-If Calculator and Planner enables a user to change their original input figures with single clicks of the mouse which in turn updates all of the forecasts in real time.

For example, you may choose to apply a reduction of 5% for overheads, to change the gross profit margin from 41% to 42% or increase the bank overdraft limit or loans.

As you do so the key elements of the forecasts which are displayed on that screen such as pre-tax profit, minimum / maximum months’ cash flow and bank, working capital and net worth and so on also change in real time.

Dividend, Cash and Solvency Calculator

A new and important Year-End Dividend Calculator, illustrating how the value and payment dates of a dividend will affect cash, liquidity and solvency going forward has been added to Figurewizard.

The value of a proposed year-end dividend and date of payment are entered. That then returns a breakdown showing how the monthly bank balances, available and undrawn financing, such as loans and overdraft, working capital and solvency all change, again in real time.

Creating a New Forecast

Users simply enter their forecast figures into the input screens. Entering those figures should take no more than a minute or so for each screen. 

As the figures are being entered the system will be doing all of the work required in real time to produce the forecasts.

For example sales, including domestic, export, by cash, card or open credit are calculated from a list of monthly percentages of annual sales you provide, such as Jan 6%; Feb 4%; March 8% and so on. 

The same percentages are then applied to other variables such as revenue from delivery or service charge, the costs of shipping merchandise and provisions for bad debts.

The Input Forms

Forecasts can be set for one, two or three years. The following lists the screens and the figures required. Only the annual figures are needed as Figurewizard will automatically create and apply monthly values.

1 Title; Start Date; no. of Years to Forecast (1 - 3)
2 Capital; Bank; Loans; Factoring / Invoice Discounting
3 Sales info. Gross Profit Margin
4 Purchases; Import and Export Percentages
5 Overheads and Expenses
6 Monthly Sales % and Simple Cash Ratios
7 Values of Fixed assets Bought and Sold
8 B/Fwd Balance Sheet Values (summary) for Going Concerns

With the exception of company cars all entries are made excluding VAT. Company cars are entered including VAT as that cannot be set off as input tax.

The Forecasts

Despite its ease of use these are the forecasts and planners Figurewizard produces from your figures:

Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Profit Monthly Bank Balances and Cash Flows
Profit and Loss: Operating: Pre-Tax: Post-Tax Operating and Net Cash Flows
Balance Sheet Monthly Accrued Net Profit Charts
Overheads Anaslysis Monthly Break-Even Sales Charts
Assets and Liabilities Analysis Business Ratios - Liquidity
Fixed Assets - Depreciation; Net Book Values Business Ratios - Performance
Corporation Tax and Step with Step Computations Cash and Factoring Calculator and Chart
What-If Calculator / Planner Dividend Cash & Solvency Calculator / Planner

A Note for Visitors

The sample forecasts shown on the site are based on a single working example. There is a menu to take you to these at the top left of this screen.

Sample forecasts are fully interactive. Visitors are invited to make their own changes to the sample forecasts either by selecting "edit" which takes you to the forms menus or better still by using the powerful What-If Calculator to see for yourself exactly how Figurewizard makes it possible for you to properly calculate and plan your business's profits finances and performance going forward.

Subscribing and Saving Forecasts

For registered users all forecasts are automatically saved to "my account". Up to one hundred full sets of forecasts can be saved. These can be retrieved at any time for amending or updating.

Registration costs £20 p. a. – less that half the cost of a parking ticket. There are no other charges.

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