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What-If Profit and Cash Flow Planner

The ultimate What-If business planner. With single clicks you update your profit, corporation tax, liquidity, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts.

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Increase / Decrease Gross Profit as % Sales


Increase / Decrease New Paid-Up Capital


Increase / Decrease Service Charged % Sales


Increase / Decrease Bank Overdraft Limit

Increase / Decrease Wages 300,000

Increase / Decrease New Loans

Increase / Decrease Fixed Overheads 130,000

Increase / Decrease Loan Months to Repay


Increase / Decrease Shipping costs % of sales


Increase / Decrease New Main Pool Assets


Increase / Decrease % of Sales as Bad Debts


Increase / Decrease New Company Cars

Increase / Decrease Year-End Stock 125,000

Increase / Decrease % Fixed Assets Finance

Factoring / Invoice Discounting
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Factoring selected No % of Invoices 80% Service Charge 1% Interest 5%

Profits, Overheads and Stock / Inventory

Cash, Bank and Solvency

  Before After Plus / Minus   Before After Plus / Minus
Operating Profit 99,443 99,443 0 Operating Cash Flow 12,208 12,208 0
Pre-Tax Profit 94,381 94,381 0 Net Cash Flow -53,854 -53,854 0
Wages 300,000 300,000 0

Bank @ Year End

-35,439 -35,439 0
Fixed Overheads 130,000 130,000 0

Min Month Bank + Undrawn Financing

-16,263 -16,263 0
Total Operating Overheads 553,057 553,057 0

Max Month Bank + Undrawn Financing

54,920 54,920 0
Interest Charges 5,062 5,062 0 Working Capital / Liquidity 61,399 61,399 0
Year-End Stock / Inventory 125,000 125,000 0 Capital & Reserves 104,145 104,145 0

Monthly Accrued Pre-Tax Profit

Month-End Bank + Undrawn Financing


How the What-If Planner is Created

As well as 13 forecasts, Figurewizard automatically produces this What-If planner from you predicted sales, margin, overheads and fixed asset figures and a few simple ratios - Nothing else.

As a visitor, you can try it out here for free.

Increases / Decreases Sales, Overheads, Assets and Finance

Figurewizard's What-IF Calculator / Planner is unique. As you change one of your original figures (e.g. increase gross margin by 1%) . profits, cash, liquidity, corporation tax, net assets / equity all change in real time too.

The top section of the calculator / planner shows the vales you have entered, for example wages: 300,00. That is shown as "before". If you change that the new value is shiwn as "after".

At the same time all of the values of all of your forecasts instantly update too..

If "Min Month Bank + Undrawn Financing" is in the red, that wil be a signal of a cash flow risis to come. You will therefore have to make changes to your original business plan's input values to ensure it is now in the black.

Solutions for Resolving Cash Flow Deficits

Your options when making changes to eliminate monthly cash flow deficits should start with decreasing planned overheads.

The next step is to reduce planned expenditure on assets. These can have a dramatic effect in improving cash flow. Adjusting your proposed value for year-end stock is especially valuable for improving the bank and cashflow.

Seeking better deals with suppliers of goods and services to increase your gross profit margin comes next. Just a 1% jump on the projected gross profit margin can dramtically improve your forecast bottom line.

What-If Financing and Cash Flow

An alternative to reduced expenditure on overheads, investment and cost of goods sold is to increase financing. That though is just a short term remedy, not a cure.

Most businesses are seasonal so financing will sometimes have to be called upon to cover costs during the quiet periods. The ultimate objective though should be to ensure that the business can generate the cash flows to support its trading operations with sustainable finance reserved principally for investment rather than for paying the rent or the wages.

That is why this What-If planner is important - There are costs in every business plan that can be that can be reduced or delayed until such time as the trading operations of the business are financially self-sufficient. All you need to do here is ask "how much" and it will give you get instant answers for everything.

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