Terms and Conditions


"Subscription" refers to a paid fixed rate of UK£20.00 per annum. Payment entitles a user, referred to herafter as a "registered user" to full access to the services provided by Figurewizard.com.

Subscriptions are not renewed automatically. Renewal is advised by email at the end of the annual entitlement. This is also advised in the "my account" page. Saved forecasts will not be accessible once a subscription has expired but they will be retained to be made accessible for a period of one year if subscription is renewed by then.

Content and Rights of Registered Users

Registered users can save up to a hundred complete sets of forecasts in their account. All forecasts remain active and can be retrieved for amendment or updating at all times.


Articles are the copyright of Figurewizard.com and may not be copied and published or displayed for financial gain without our express written permission


This section applies to you only if you are a "consumer" as defined in the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and resident within the EU. You may cancel your order for our service by giving us written or electronic notice within seven working days of placing your order. A refund will be made within 30 days of receiving notice. This right of cancellation does not apply once you have used the service and have saved at least one set of forecasts as a registered user for 30 days.

Note that Figurewizard does not give business or accountancy advice beyond the production of the business forecasts that our system provides and the various published articles .

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