Five Year List UK Pound - Euro Exchange Rates

This historical list shows the exchange rate between the UK pound and the Euro at the beginning of each month from January 2014

This month-by-month list displays the history of the Euro - £UK: £UK - Euro exchange rate as @ the first of each month, since the beginning of 2014. It is produced by

2014 €uro UK£
January 1.205 .830
February 1.219 .820
March 1.203 .824
April 1.205 .830
May 1.219 .820
June 1.229 .814
July 1.253 .798
August 1.253 .798
September 1.265 .791
October 1.285 .778
November 1.286 .784
December 1.260 .794
2015 €uro UK£
January 1.288 .776
February 1.335 .749
March 1.379 .725
April 1.377 .726
May 1.352 .740
June 1.392 .718
July 1.409 .710
August 1,422 .703
September 1.362 .734
October 1.354 .739
November 1.402 .713
December 1.419 .705
2016 €uro UK£
January 1.136 .880
February 1.132 .883
March 1.129 .886
April 1.248 .801
May 1.276 .784
June 1.289 .776
July 1.192 .839
August 1.182 .846
September 1.186 .843
October 1.154 .867
November 1.107 .903
December 1.184 .845
2017 €uro UK£
January 1.173 .853
February 1.175 .851
March 1.166 .858
April 1.177 .850
May 1.184 .845
June 1.150 .870
July 1.140 .877
August 1.119 .894
September 1.092 .916
October 1.134 .882
November 1.141 .876
December 1.134 .882
2018 €uro UK£
January 1.125 .889
February 1.141 .876
March 1.126 .888
April 1.137 .880
May 1.134 .882
June 1.144 ,874
July 1.130 .885
August 1.124 .890
September 1.116 .876
October 1.264 .791
November 1.138 .879
December 1.127 .887 is an online calculator and forecaster for UK business. All that is needed are your projected figures for annual sales, profit margin, overheads, investment, financing (e.g. bank overdraft limit) and a few simple ratios.

From these it produces thirteen forecasts (for one, two ot three years) including profits, balance sheets, cash flows and business ratios plus three important and calculator / planners.

All forecasts and caculator / planners are displayed on the website as live working examples. Visitors can try it for themselves by changing input figures and viewing the changes that makes with no prior obligation. The What-If Calculator / Planner is especially recommended for this.

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