Forecast Profits, Liquidity and Cash Flow in Minutes

Business planner and Forecaster. Just enter predicted sales, margins, overheads and investments - We calculate forecasts and taxes.

Cost of Goods Sold: Gross Profit

Sales, delivery/service charges and gross margin returns cost of goods and gross profit.



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Profit and Loss

Forecast operating, pre-tax and net profits after corporation tax.

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Assets and Liabilities Analysis

Calculation of forecast assets and liabilities net book values.

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Balance Sheet

Assets and liabilities; working capital (liquidity) and equity.

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Corporation Tax Calculations

How forecast capital allowances, marginal relief and corporation tax are calculated.

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Cash, Bank and Finance BudgetForecasts monthly cash flows, bank balances and undrawn financial facilities.View an example Operating and Net Cash FlowsCash flow from trading: Increases or decreases in cash and financing.View an example Overheads Analysis

Calculates cash and solvency before and after dividends

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Liquidity Ratios

Forecast business ratios for liquidity and cash flow.

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Interactive Cash and Factoring ChartOperate the charts to learn what invoice financing can add to cash flow.View an example Interactive Break Even Chart PlannerCompares how accrued sales progress against break even sales.View an example Forecast Dividend Calculator

How dividend payments affect liquidity cashflow and the bank

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Business Forecasts

What you see is what you get. 
The sample forecasts shown here
are interactive working examples.

Saving Forecasts

Simple, fast yet comprehensive
Forecasts can be set for 1, 2 or 3 years
Saved forecasts are exportable to excel

Creating Forecasts

We calculate everything 
incl. VAT and tax.

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